Motor Tug Lowgarth

Photo: John Tybjerg (DSCN0242)
Photo: John Tybjerg (DSCN0242)

I have recently completed my model of the Mountfleet Models Motor Tug Lowgarth. The completed model is 37.5″ x 10.5″ and weighs 20.3 lbs. Build time was just over 9 months but this was a couple of months longer than forecast while my wife recovered from a broken arm and my time was needed elsewhere. The kit was not quite up to the standard of previous purchases from Mountfleet but still pretty good. My main gripe is that the Bows, Stern and sides all slope in and the build instructions for the deck just said take one sheet of ply and cut to shape. I ended up building the deck in two halves and laying ‘plates’ over it. The boat is fitted with a Mobile Marine Models T12 Motor.

John Tybjerg

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