Category: John Tybjerg’s Models

Model’s Presently or Previously owned by Club member John Tybjerg for which we have photographs.

Smit Zweden

Harbour tug. Model: John Tybjerg who comments… “The model was made by Derek Selby of the Poole Club, who was an excellent...

Uncle Sam

New York Harbour steam paddle wheel tug from 1849; model: John Tybjerg (scratch built on “Models by Design” hull). [Other models...


Ocean going tug built by Robb Caledon (Shipbuilders) Leith for United Towing Ltd. Hull; model: John Tybjerg [Other models of John...

Ben Ain

Single hatch steam coaster, launched 1924; model: John Tybjerg [Other models of John Tybjerg]    [other Merchant Ship Models]