Steering Competition 6th August.

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The Annual Steering Competition for The Richard Graham Trophy was held on Sunday 6th August.

We had nine boats all of different sizes and types competing over a challenging course. The weather was sunny and fine with only light winds which was ideal for the competition. it was unfortunate that several of our regular competitors were unable to attend and we hope to see them back next time.

Cliff Newell one of our regular yacht sailors change his boat loyalty for the day and won the event with the only clear round sailing his WW2 Corvette. WELL DONE CLIFF.

(After displaying his prowess in Scale Power it was unfortunate that later in the day David McNair-Taylor had to adopt his “chest wader rescue role” to recover Cliff’s capsized trimaran !!!)

The results of the competition were as follows:-

1st Cliff Newell Corvette Clear Round (5.06 mins)
2nd Andy Davis HDML 2 faults (4.09 mins)
David McNair-Taylor Tug 2 faults (4.48 mins)
3rd John Wills Riva 5 faults (2.10 mins)
4th Steve Watling Pusher tug 5 faults (3.02mins)
5th Vaughan Jackson Lifeboat 5 faults (5.09 mins)
6th Jeremy (Newell jnr) Pusher Tug 8 faults (4.42 mins)
7th Ian Thompson MGB 11 faults (7.33 mins)
8th Dave Reith Retired with Mechanical problem.
Very Small Boat Special Prize
Ian Thompson Saucy Girl in Dinghy 0 Faults (3.15 mins)

Thanks to David Hardy for the photos.

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