(Pond Road Closed again!)

Monday 21st May: Pond road is closed, see separate message.

Friday 18th May: The Forestry Commission have told us that they have today performed some temporary repairs to the access road to the pond and opened the road for public access.

“Permanent” repairs will be implemented at a later date and at that time the road will be closed to everyone (including Club members) for a period of up to two weeks while the road surface settles in.

From the Forestry Commission Message: “Firstly thank you all for your patience and understanding with the car park closure; I appreciate the frustration this has caused and difficulties that have been encountered. Temporary repairs have been undertaken and the car park is now open to members of the public. This has been done to try and alleviate some of the pressure on surrounding areas particularly with the nice weather, bank holiday and half term coming up.  Full maintenance works will still need to be carried out when contractors reach the area in a few weeks’ time at which point the car park will need to be closed again for up to 2 weeks – we will continue to keep you informed as soon as we have any further information about dates.”

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