A Vintage Success!

032 James Forrester
Mike Beard's Peggy - Most Popular Model

Vintage Sail Day on the 9th June proved very popular. Organiser James Forrester commented “we were all very surprised by the number of people who turned up, more than replied to our invitation, so that was good. Looks like it might become a new event on the club calendar”.

Mike Beard won the Cup for the most popular boat of the day with his sailing barge Peggy, which was rescued from the bottom of the pond a few weeks ago.

Here are some photos to give a flavour of the event…

…from James Forrester:

…from Oliver Chapman:

…from Peter Taylor:


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  1. Site Admin says:

    Comment from Jin Forrester:

    Fellow club members, a few lines to say a big thank you to all who turned up at Setley Pond today and contributed to making our first ever vintage sail day such a great success. As they say at all the award ceremonies, without your effort none of this would have been possible.

    I think everyone was very impressed by the number and variety of boats which appeared and a special mention is due to Mike Beard for winning the most popular boat of the day award with his sailing barge Peggy, which looked fully recovered from its overnight visit to the bottom of the pond a few weeks ago. Allegedly Mike says that he couldn’t be bothered taking his barge home at the end of the day’s sailing, so he parked her at the bottom of the pond overnight for safe keeping and collected her again the following day, believe that one if you like!

    The weather helped a great deal as well, maybe a little bit more wind might have been appreciated by some, but the gentle breeze enabled some of the more “daintier ” craft take to the water.

    I have taken quite a few photos of the day which I shall be forwarding on to Peter and they will hopefully find their way on to the club web site in a day or two when Peter has time, he’s a very busy lad these days, so it might take a while for them to appear. If anyone else has taken any photos I’m sure Peter would be very glad to receive them, and Lorna won’t be able to say she hasn’t any new pictures for next years’ calendar!

    Once again, a big thank you to all who took part, now you can all start getting your set aside projects revived for a bigger and better show next year!

    Best Wishes and Happy Sailing, Jim Forrester.

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