DSC01780 © Peter Taylor 2019

The original Robbe kit of Smaragd was previewed by Marine Modelling in April 1993, and also featured a limited edition, commissioned by International Paint, who arranged for Alpha Graphics of Liss to supply the special graphics for 100 models. Generally the model is seen today with  the name in large letters on  its yellow hull and the deck covered with patches.

This model was purchased in May 2019 ( 2nd hand), incomplete, and in a very poor condition.  The sailing qualities of Smaragd are well known, so the vision was a smart rebuild.  Removing the old paint and generally tidying up the model was my province before handing over to the expert, Nigel James, to complete the refurbishment.  The finished model, having been “Nigelised” was handed over and relaunched at Setley Pond on 8th August 2019.  A reasonably gentle southerly wind was ideal for the trial sailing, with  the yacht performing perfectly, which delighted the new owner.

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