Steering Competition – 25th Aug 2019

1st place: HMS Kirkliston

On a fine Sunday morning with only a little wind we set up a course comprising 15 bouys and two large obstacles for members to compete in the Annual Steering Competition to win the Richard Graham Trophy.

The field was smaller than on some previous occasions with 8 members competing in two rounds to complete the course by avoiding hitting any buoy or obstacle in the fastest time which proved to be rather challenging in places. The only clear round and the winner was The Club Captain with his model of HMS Kirkliston.

The full results were as follows:-

Place Name Faults(mins) Boat
1st David McNair-Taylor 0 Minehunter
2nd Nick Leaper 1 French Trawler
3rd Dave Reith 2 Minehunter
4th Vaughan Jackson 3 (1.52m) Fishing Trawler
5th Steve Watling 3 (2.13m) Launch
6th Olly Chapman 3 (3.53m) RAF Launch
7th John Tybjerg 4

Please note that in the future we will only be holding one steering Competition per year.

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