Six million views of SRCMBC movie!

Titanic model: Edward Coombs

The spoof silent film “Titanic and the Iceberg” has now been viewed over 6 million times (it had been viewed 6,019,188 times by today, 13th May 2020).  When the number of views reached one million a SRCMBC news item explained how the creation of the video was an accident!

Movie: SRCMBC - Titanic and the Iceberg

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When they heard that Edward Coombs was planning to sail his model of the Titanic at Setley Pond on 15th April 2012 to mark the Titanic Centenary, club members Richard Coombs (Edwards father), Ken Dyer, and Alan Bond decided to construct an iceberg for the occasion! Peter Taylor was to video the event and create a movie similar to other SRCMBC videos.

Unfortunately the day was very windy and there were fears that the Titanic model would capsize and sink due to the wind. As a result the model was only on the water for a short time and hardly any video footage of the ship with a drifting iceberg was obtained. Unable to create a normal video, Peter Taylor, decided to create a “silent movie” with captions inserted to pad out the small amount of video available. Unexpectedly, the video has become our most popular movie on YouTube!

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