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Cabin Cruiser; model David Hardy. [Other models of David Hardy]   [other Cabin Cruiser Models] Photos: Ian Hardy (view photos on Ian’s web...

RNLB Samarbeta

A Trent Class lifeboat stationed at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Lifeboat Station. Model: Brian Rapley [Other models of Brian Rapley]   [other Lifeboat Models]...

DSC08929 © Peter Taylor 2017

Tin Tin

Cargo Ship. The model is constructed in metal! Model: Ken Dyer. [Other models of Ken Dyer]   [other Merchant Ship Models]

DSC08960 © Peter Taylor 2017

Joffre Tug

Joffre was built in 1916 specifically built for the coastal towing business. Fitted with two sets of towing hooks, an unusual...

MTB Perkasa

A Perkasa class patrol boat. The Perkasa Class were built for the Royal Malaysian Navy (P150 was the “Perkasa”). They were based on...

HMS Quorn

Some pictures of my new build HMS Quorn, which is a Hunt Class Mine countermeasure vessel (MCMV) at 1/48 scale. The model...

Margot No. 1

Traditional Canal Boat. [Other models of Roger Tuffill]    [other Canal Boat Models]