IOM Spring Race 09, 30th Apr 2024

IOM spr 24 race 09


Lovely morning this morning, not only did the weather  encourage a good fleet of IOMs, but also a number of rambling groups. Parking was chaotic, I spent some time queueing behind dithering ramblers unsure of where to leave their cars!
Having finally parked it was my turn to dither, should we be using an A or B rig? At that point a large gust came down the pond which made up our minds for us, definitely B for all bar Graham who had left his behind.
The wind was generally a strong southerly, shifting substantially up the beat until a few boat lengths from mark 3 where it died. When the wind reappeared, it came back from any direction it felt like bowing from. It made the mark rounding very interesting.
John M appeared to fare best in the shifting by recording 7 race wins to win the day with John T second and John B third.

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