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Tomcat, highly manoeuvrable outboard powered RIB; model: Chris Chattaway (Ripmax ARTR kit). [Other models of Chris Chattaway]    [other Speed Boat Models]

Thunder Tiger MFV

Model: Chris Chattaway: “Catherine – Thunder Tiger ready to run (RTR) model; highly recommended for the non-modeller or someone new to the...

Pusher Tug

Pusher Tug, (in build when the photos were taken); model: Chris Chattaway. [Other models of Chris Chattaway]    [other Tug Models]

Griffin Hovercraft

Griffin Hovercraft

Chris Chattaway’s scratch built Griffin Hovercraft. Chris’s Comments: “I first became aware of this hovercraft at our Highcliffe show in 2008....

Dutch Harbour Tug

Scratch built; Model: Chris Chattaway… “This is my Kingston Mouldings “Dutch harbour tug”, 29″x9″. It has a 545 motor with direct...

Coast Guard Launch

1920’s Coast Guard/Customs Launch. Model: Chris Chattaway… “This was built on a Kingston Mouldings “Sun XXI tug” hull. It took about...