Griffin Hovercraft

Griffin Hovercraft
Griffin Hovercraft

Chris Chattaway’s scratch built Griffin Hovercraft. Chris’s Comments:
“I first became aware of this hovercraft at our Highcliffe show in 2008. Peter Bryant was building his second one of these and I just fell in love with it and had to have one. It was built using Mark Porter’s plan on the web site.

Chris Chattaway - Griffin Hovercraft

Movie: Chris Chattaway’s Griffin Hovercraft

It took 9-10 months to build with lots of help from Peter and his wife Carole (sewing skirt for me) for which I am very grateful. The hull and superstructure is built from 0.8mm ply with the lift and thrust ducts from 0.4mm ply. The skirt uses kite material. The lift motor is a 1700rpm outrunner brushless motor with a 30amp speed controller. The original thrust motor (as seen on our Movie Gallery) was an Ansmann 1800rpm brushed car motor; although this worked OK it was not very fast. It now has an inrunner 540 size 13t/3000kv EZRun 35amp programmable brushless motor which has made it considerably faster.”

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