Le Sphinx

Sphinx, luxury yacht; model:Nick Leaper

Le Sphinx, luxury motor yacht; model: Nick Leaper (kit: New Maquettes).  The New Maquettes kit suggests that this is a Dutch Royal Yacht, however there seems to be some doubt about that!

Nick Leaper’s comments: “This was the first model I built and I had trouble keeping the weight down so that she would float! The narrow beam did not help in that regard.”

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  1. Site Admin says:

    Jacob Roth has emailed the following: “the model yacht build by Nick Leaper is not the Dutch Royal Yacht.
    The retired Royal yacht the ‘Piet Hein” was build for queen Juliana in 1937 and given as a museum piece to the city of Rotterdam in 1980. Now Princess Beatrix has a “tjalk” as her sailing yacht which is also used by the Dutch King and his family. Maybe the reason why people think it is a Dutch Royal yacht might be if it was build by a ” Royal” yacht builder like the Vries & Lentz or Royal Huisman.”

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