IOM Spring Race 12: 28th May 2019

IOM Spr 19 race 12
We were welcomed to Setley with a light to medium northwesterly breeze. I spent too much time discussing life with the Hon Sec and found that an interesting course had been set by the advanced party standing on the bank. It made use of buoy 9 as part of the course, usually buoy 9 has just been used for starting and finishing and getting in the way whilst sailing other legs of a course, and included buoy 1 under the trees. Somehow the course setters fail to include marks 2 and 8!! To be fair, it actually proved a very successful course.
Racing was close with 5 separate race winners, John T, John M, Robin, Dick and Peter. Dick managed to hit a submerged hard object in race 4 which dented his keel, dropping him from second to last place. The wind got up with the added bonus of rain for race 4, resulting in a few nose dives, however disappointingly, as the rain faded, so did the wind.
Congratulations to John T for winning the day and also the Spring Series. Next week is the start of summer.

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