IOM Summer Race 01: 4th June 2019

IOM Sum 19 race 01
The summer season started today, heralded in with sunshine and what looked at first to be a decent breeze. The forecast was so good that it even tempted Eddie out onto the water.
Eddie started well getting two seconds in the first two races, however his performance declined when the wind played practical jokes on the fleet. The direction and strength got totally random with boats having to run, beat and reach on most of the legs of the course. At times boats were unmanageable, nosediving while other were sitting in a flat calm. In one race where the wind filled in from behind, we all finished within 3 or 4 boat lengths of each other. Despite the variations in the wind, the sun kept shining and we had a good morning’s sailing.
Race wins went to John T, John M and John Ben, with John T winning he day through winning the last race.

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