IOM Winter Race 07: 21st Jan 2020

IOM Win 1920 race 07a

Another good days sailing at Setley. The freezing cold windless day initially promised nothing more than ideas that finding a coffee shop may be more preferable. However the conditions gradually changed with the clouds clearing to give brilliant sunshine and warmth and a gentle fairly steady (for Setley) northerly breeze.
We started with a short course using the north half of the lake, then after 3 races the wind filled in further allowing us to use the whole lake. We eventually got eight races in, with Robin (3), John B (2), John M (2) and Peter getting the bullets. Congrats to John B for winning the day.
There is still plenty of water at Setley, the main pond has now connected with the flooded field across the car park. Interestingly the flooded field was covered with a layer of ice, though the main pond had no ice. The forecast shows the weather warming a fraction this week so sailing should be ok for the 6m and 95 classes.

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