IOM Winter Race 12: 25th Feb 2020

IOM Win 1920 race 12

Another westerly today, I keep on telling myself it is better than having easterlies but I am now having trouble in convincing myself of this. Though the forecast was light showers and sunny intervals, we started under a rain cloud wishing that we had our B rigs, however the rain did clear and the wind moderated, to somewhere between nose diving and a flat calm. It was generally westerly but I did get my wish and we also had occasional northerlies and southerlies thrown in randomly.

On the positive side, there is still lots of water in the pond, the Forest even fenced off the flooded car park with bunting to reduce the risk of us parking in two feet of water!!
Racing was again close with 4 different race winner, Martin Houlton’s return to Setley is looking better each week, Martin won two races, and finished 3rd overall. Other race winner were Hugh (3) John T (2), and John M(1). Congratulations to Hugh for winning the day.
Also congratulations to John T for winning the series by a couple of points from John Bennett with John M in 3rd.
See you next week for the start of the Spring Seines, I have ordered a gentle warm southerly with sunshine.

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