IOM Autumn Race 08: 3rd Nov 2020

IOM Aut 20 race 08

For what might be our last IOM sail for the Autumn, if not the year, we were blessed with a stiff westerly breeze – or so it seemed blowing on our backs whilst standing on the bank. What we saw on the pond brought all the seasons together, we had brilliant sunshine, rain, wind to go nosediving down the run, flat calm and just to make it more interesting a spot of easterlies, northerlies and southerlies, wow what a day!!
To win you had to start well, keep eyes out of the boat looking for good shifts at all times and be consistent and have a portion of Lady Luck (I would say that since I didn’t win!),
Congratulations to Hugh who counted all bar one of his scores in the top two places, excellent consistency. Commiserations to John T who saw a leg lead evaporate in a couple of races. Nigel managed a first though tempered it with a last in another race, not so good consistency.
Overall in the series JohnT and John Be are on top with equal points after eight races, with John T coming out on top on countback. So assuming this was the last race of the series, congratulations to John T for winning the series.

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