IOM Autumn Race 04, 28th Sept 2021

IOM Autumn 2021 Race 04a

Looking out of the window at 7:30 this morning, 40 knots and driving rain, I was tempted to abandon.  Instead I packed my B rig and wet weather gear.
The weather was good, only issue was whether to take a jumper off when the sun came out.
The wind when we arrived was a marginal A/B decision. David rigged his A and showed us it was possible, well all apart from Phil who donned his B. The A rig was definitely good for the first few races, though as the morning went on and the wind increased, Phils race positions gradually improved. John Bennett showed us all how to do it, winning all bar one race before the break, Nigel beat him by inches in just one race.
With the wind increasing all bar Nigel and John B changed to a B rig at the break. Unfortunately the A riggers did well until race 9 when “at last” a gust on the run saw them displaying rudders and keels and then dancing off in odd directions. – The B rigs ruled that race and John B was finished “On the water!”. Hugh got a liking for winning races at that point and won the next as well.
Generally, the strong southerly gave us an enjoyable windy sail, and John B gave us an exhibition on how it should be done.

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