IOM Autumn Race 13, 30th Nov. 2021 Jeffries RC Yacht Trophy

Jeffries RC Yacht Trophy

IOM Autumn 2021 Race 13

Setley served up another very “Setley” day today for the last race of the Autumn Series and Jeffries RC Yacht Trophy. After the cold of yesterday it was relatively warm (for the time of year) and there was a good westerly breeze in the car park and on the bank. Carrying my boat to the starting areamy sails flapped quite noisily.
Unfortunately the wind at pond level was extremely variable in both direction and strength. This made racing both interesting and frustrating. It was quite possible to sail skillfully to win a race from being at the back of the fleet at the last mark, and/or be really unlucky, having rounded the last mark with a good lead, to watch the fleet sail past on their way to the finish line.
John M, John B and Nigel managed two wins each with Hugh and Robin picking up one each. John M did just enough the win the day and the Jeffries RC Yacht Trophy.

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