IOM Winter Race 05, 4th Jan 2022

IOM Winter 2021 Race 05

Firstly, welcome to Andy who came to join us today. Not sure whether he will return after the excess weather we had to offer!!
Arrived at 9:30, a flat calm and JB and Phil commenting on the lack of accuracy of the weather forecast. At 9:50 down came the rain, I hid in the car – on getting out when the rain eased, the temperature had dropped and the wind increased.
JT’s A rig blew out going to the start, he was lucky though, after two races of chaotic broaches and nose dives we had an early break and changed en masse to the B rig. This proved far more successful with us managing a further 9 races.
Congrats to JB who mastered the conditions. Incidentally my car told me it was 3.5 degrees when leaving the pond, certainly a lot colder than we were used to over last weekend.

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