IOM Winter Race 12, 22 Feb 2022

IOM Winter 2021 Race 12
After much of my dithering, looking at the forecast wind and rain, four intrepid skippers made it to Setley.
I had pre-rigged my B rig and was a little concerned when I arrived at the pond. There were wind ripples but no black swirly wind effects over the water.
Nonetheless three of us donned our B rigs and one an A rig. Martin in the A rig won the first two races with the result that John T and Hugh changed up to their A rig. A sensible decision, we could hear the wind in the trees, feel it on the bank and in the car park but whereas I was expecting lots of nose diving gusts and a few flat spots – we got the opposite – a few gusts and lots of holes.
The sun came out for some of the morning before a big black cloud came across at 11:30. We anticipated rain and wind,  however it was an anticlimax, the wind never materialised and the rain didn’t start until we were packing up.
Congrats to John T who won the day and John M who won the Winter Series.

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