IOM Spring Race 12, 17th May 2022

IOM Spring 2022 Race 12a
Great day at the pond today, sunshine and a gentle breeze.
 It was good that the sun brought out Martin Houlton and John Bradshaw who we haven’t seen for a while. We did have eleven skippers in the car park, however John B had electrical problems and never made it to the water. He did though very efficiently act as race officer for the day, I have never seen such a well written results sheet, however he gets a black mark for suggesting I do turns in race 1!😕
We had a gentle southeasterly breeze, and though it did vary in strength and direction we did generally have  a beat from 6 to 3. Robin must have had a hotline to the heavens, he won 6 of the 8 races barely missing any wind shifts, Congratulations to Robin for winning the day, followed at some distance by John M and John T.

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