IOM Spring Race 13, 24th May 2022

IOM Spring 2022 Race 13
It was warm and sunny, and there was some wind – what more could we want for sailing? Well I felt I had the short straw trying to set a course. The main discussion was should it be set for a northerly or a southerly? I chose the forecast northerly and I guess I was right for about half of the time!
Alan and Phil flew off the line in race one, exchanging the lead a number of times before they let John Be and Hugh past on the last leg.  Similarly John Bradshaw had a commanding lead in race two until he touched mark 6 on the last lap!
Generally there was a lot of place changing, particularly on the “run” from 6 to 1, where the wind would favour first one side of the leg and then the other – it was sheer luck being in the breeze when arriving at the mark. Alan positioned himself well to sweep into the lead and win the last race.
Thanks goes to Nigel who donned his chest waders to rescue a boat from the lilies.
 Congrats to John M who got the lion’s share of the luck to win the day, closely followed by John Be with Hugh third.

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