IOM Summer Race 08, 26th July 2022

IOM Summer 2022 Race 08

Firstly thanks to Nigel who arrived “early”, I repeat “EARLY” to reset marks 5 and 8 which had gone walkabout over the weekend. We did note that the depth around 5 wasn’t great, but that if we brought all the buoys in to have a reasonable depth, the legs would all be very short!
The forecast was the breeze changing from northerly to southerly through the morning, nothing out of the ordinary for Setley. However the northerly prevailed and we had relatively good sailing, apart from the leg 6 to 1 where the leaders would invariably get swallowed up by the tail enders coming down with the wind. I managed in one race to stay ahead of the fleet down the run, only to run aground by mark 5, I was aware of the depth particularly since Hugh did similar a couple of races earlier.
Congrats to Hugh who narrowly won the day from John B with John M a fair way back in 3rd.

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