IOM Autumn Race 01, 13th Sept 2022

IOM Autumn 2022 Race 01

First race of the Autumn series, having cancelled last week’s due to a forecast of rain and thunderstorms. The thunder never materialised though there was an hour of heavy rain that I was pleased to have missed.
Today’s forecast of persistent rain accompanied by a light northeasterly proved a bit pessimistic. We had a reasonable northerly breeze across most of the pond, all except round mark 3, and the rain held off until it was time to pack up the boats after racing.
Racing was very close with a number of place changing particularly around mark 3.  It reminded me of the classical tale of Sirens singing mournful songs tempting sailors into dangerous waters to be shipwrecked. Change the mournful song for a wonderful port lift up the far bank and the and the shipwreck for a flat calm and the tale would be perfect. 99% of the time it paid to tack around mark 3 onto a real bad starboard and go for the breeze in the centre of the pond.
Congratulations to Hugh for sussing the conditions and winning the day followed by John M and John B.

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