IOM Autumn Race 05 : 11 Oct 2022

IOM Autumn Race 6

Thankyou to Hugh today for processing the results, I was off on an emergency child care day. Quite enjoyable but I would prefer to go sailing!
Firstly my apologies to John Bennett, he won the Shaw Trophy last week and I omitted to put it in the results.
Now on to this week, I have Hugh’s notes, “We arrived at the pond to find a flat calm, however whilst rigging the boats some sails started to flap in the car park. By the time we started there was a light breeze sort of from the North which strengthened slightly during the morning. After the break at half time both Alan and Martin retired from the racing. During race 6 John Bennett managed to get well and truly hooked on No. 1 buoy so after finishing I went to assist only to get hooked on the buoy as well. It was decided to do the last race without us and then recover the boats. After several failed attempts I finally managed to free both boats be using two long poles lashed together. Nigel and John suggested that I should give myself average points for the last race as I had gone on the mark trying to assist another. If anyone disagrees with this please let me know.”
I would go along with the above average points, it is always good to know that someone will rescue you from being hooked on a buoy, I wouldn’t like to disinsentify a rescue attempt.

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