IOM Winter Race 09, 31th Jan. 2023

IOM Winter 20223 Race 09

After an inclement January with two missed weeks of sailing we were greeted this morning with lots of water in the pond, a relatively warm day, no rain and partial sunshine. The fly in the ointment was the gentle westerly. It came from many directions, mainly from the south though its direction and strength on the leg from 1 to 3 could be totally random, marginally worse than the other two legs of the course.
Hugh used his hot line to the clouds in locating the breeze to win 5 of the 8 races, Other race winners, Martin, John B and John M. Martin had boat failure and went home at the break, the rest of us, excluding Hugh, spent time trying to conjure up a better excuse than Martin for going early.
Congrats to Hugh for winning, the next 3 places were split on a tie break with John M coming second and John B third.
Next week is the Fijicicle Trophy, hopefully it won’t live up to its name!


Couldn’t resist the pic of the pony, he looked as miserable as I felt at the break!

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