IOM Winter Race 11, 14th Feb. 2023

IOM Winter 20223 Race 11

Another most interesting day. A very grey still day when we arrived. Though while rigging the boats there did appear to be a gentle coolness on the northeast side of the face, just sufficient to make it worthwhile putting the boats in the water.
It became apparent sailing before the start that marks 3 & 4 were in a total flat calm, with the rest of the marks being in light and variable airs. A number of different courses were tried through the morning to get one containing a beat run and reach. The wind, however, was one step ahead, shifting to make a reach all the way round until the last race which we only just managed to start within the cutoff time where the wind increased a fraction and shifted to give us a good course. All the better, for me, since I won it.
Other winners during the mornting were Gordon, Nigel, John B and Hugh. Congrats to Hugh for winning the day.

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