IOM Summer Race 02 : 13 June 2023

IOM Summer 2023 Race 02a


Though the forecast was for a light breeze, we had a shifty northerly that held up for the morning, though disappeared when we sailed a final race round the cans at the end.
The shifts were such that if you got them right, it was almost possible to sail direct to the windward mark by being on the paying tack, alternatively getting the shifts wrong proved very slow.
Highlight of the day, for me, if not for John B was him disappearing into the lead on one race and applying a handbrake at the far end of the run to let the fleet go past. He managed to limp back to the bank and produced a large branch that had been attached to his keel!
I also had to ward off some ecofriendly passers by who wanted to remove the inside end of our start to the bin.
The sailing was all very close with plenty of opportunities for passing and being passed by other boats. John M came out on top, followed be John B and Nigel.

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