IOM Summer Race 05 : 04 July 2023

DF95 Summer race 05


Great day for sailing today. A fresh southerly breeze, top of the range for the A rigs giving a few broaches and nose dives. It was however a “little” shifty giving the opportunity for place changing, sometimes I reckon gusts came in swirling in all directions which made progress quite difficult.
John M started well with two wins, however after this John T got his eye in winning 6 of the following 8 races to win the day. He generously gave the remaining two wins to Hugh.
The conditions saw Phil dropping out with steering issues and John M breaking a main sheet. Certainly I feel there is no excuse for poor boat maintenance and I encourage others to check their sail control strings. Stopping early gave me the opportunity to take a few photos of the leeward mark which included John T fighting with a swirling gust!
Hope to see you next week, with luck with a similar breeze without the wind shifts.

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