IOM Autumn Race 01, 5 Sept 2023

IOM Autumn race 01

Another sunny day at the pond today, considering the wind was predominantly northeasterly, the breeze on the pond could have been a lot worse.
We managed to get in 10 races, all closely fought with John T just getting the better of John M and John B. Perhaps getting the lucky shifts at Setley is related to your name!
It was good to see Alan, who paid us a visit, unfortunately without his boat – hopefully Alan is now on the mend and can join us in the near future. Phil has sorted his servo problems and actually made it to the start line after two disastrous weeks. John T back on the pond after a short rest had forgotten how to use a pen to write up the results, it would have been on a race where everyone finished together being brought down by the new wind, it was sorted and good to have you back John T, even though you did win.

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