IOM Autumn Race 03, 19 Sept 2023

IOM Autumn race 03


After what seems like an eternity of light and flukey winds, we finally had the forecast of a windy Tuesday. Six of us arrived in the car park, it was windy there with a few drops of rain. Five of us made it to the water, one abandoned to the coffee shop, mentioning no names, Phil!
Though there was a gale in the car park, the strong south westerly seemed to blow up the hill, then right over the pond leaving calms and whirling winds all over the place making the progress round the course, what I considered ‘a little random’. I was pleased in race two where boats from each end of the starting line reached the windward mark together, definitely showing the starting line was good. However as the morning went on Robin managed to find his own personal breeze to navigate the right hand side of the beat to make that side favourite.
Generally the racing was very close, and interestingly, just 2 points covered the first four places before the last race. Robin won it and won the day with Hugh and John M just behind.
The rain held off and I think we all had a good sail. Oh for a southerly or northerly up or down the pond next week.

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