IOM Autumn Race 08, 24 Oct 2023

IOM Autumn race 08a

Another interesting day! First problem was what to wear, I hear this from my wife but seldom on the side of the pond. The reason being, the day was warm with the sun shining and little wind – even in the car park!  However we had a downpour forecast for 10:30.
Those that chose rainwear won out when we had a big black cloud come over mid morning, the cloud also brought some wind for 15 minutes though the calms returned when the blue sky returned.
We did, however, manage to complete 8 races, though with a very short course. John B came off best just ahead  Hugh  with John T third. Points to mention are, Graham was unlucky not to win race 6 – John T just managed to fluke pass him near the end  of the race and John M, looking for a breeze near the east bank came into contact with the waterlilies, got held fast for a short while but just managed to escape without having to swim to release the boat.

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