IOM Autumn Race 12, 21 Nov 2023

IOM Autumn race 12


Today was why we sail at Setley, we had a moderate northerly breeze which blew straight down the pond without too many dead spots and major winshifts. Almost perfect apart from John B getting the bit between his teeth and flying, seems unfair, the rest of us were sailing, to win the first 7 races. He was magnanimous enough to let John M win the last two. Congats John on a fine bit of sailing to win the day, hopefully not to be repeated.😀😀
Joining us today and very welcome were Tim Charrlton from Poole, and Mike Redfern trying out one of Robin’s boats.
Due to relatively short numbers and Mike and Robin disappearing off to rescue a boat from Mark 3, the Jobbo Memorial Trophy race was abandoned to be resailed on Tuesday 19th December.

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