IOM Winter Race 01, 5 Dec 2023

IOM win 23 4 race 01

Not too bad today, a  bit cold, but warm compared to last Friday and a gentle north westerly that gave many opportunities for place gains if you avoided the dead spots.
We had a port biased line line that could sometimes not be crossed on starboard, however it often paid to start starboard end in breeze and sail much further – I could never start in the right place, and on a number of occasions sat without wind at the port end watching the others sail away. Not sure what happened to boat preparation today, it was race 5 before all 7 competitors finished in the same race.
John B sailed consistently well to win the day with only 2 race wins, beating Robin into second and John M third.
One interesting point to note, a potential new member watched a number of races and commented on the friendliness of the skippers, not as fractious as a at a club he used to sail at!!

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