IOM Winter Race 05, 09 Jan 2024

IOM winter 234 series 05

Finally managed to get in an IOM session after 4 weeks, but at quite a cost. Martin jacked on looking at the cold forecast, Graham’s jib came apart along the seems, Robin lost a jib line and John M sailed into the tree and lost a backstay. Then there were three, only just as John B and John T spent some time being rescued from another tree, though they came out unscathed.

Apart from that, the weather was a little nippy, but the wind was great, straight down the pond varying from lightish to nose diving and potential B rigs.

Congrats to John T for winning the day followed by Hugh and John B.

Again we put off sailing the Jobbo Trophy to be sailed at a later date when there are more than 3 boats and it is a little warmer. Hopefully this will be next week.


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