IOM Spring Race 02, 12th Mar 2024

IOM spr 24 race 02


When I woke this morning I was not at all enthusiastic about IOM sailing on the pond. The rain was pebble dashing the bedroom window and the forecast was for it to continue all morning. Making use of our WhatsApp group I canvassed opinions, I was doing well at first with two dissenters, then Graham came out wanting to sail followed by John T. The revised forecast at 8am showed the rain potentially going south of us, so it was time to go sailing.
The morning did start a bit wet, however the rain eased through the morning making it quite a pleasant day apart from the wind strength that was anywhere between a flat calm and  the boats broaching and nosediving.
There was no set pattern to the wind, there being a lot of luck as to whether your boat collected a gust or just watched others racing off into the distance.
John M won 5 races with John T winning 4, to finish the day first and second with John B coming in third.
Don’t forget, we are racing for Jobbo’s Trophy next week, hopefully we we have sunshine for that. Hope to see you then.

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