IOM Spring Race 06, 9th Apr 2024

IOM spr 24 race 06a
Definitely a Marmite day today, you either loved the conditions or hated them. With 40 knots blowing in the Solent I was concerned I would need a C rig. I did though rig my B rig at home to save time changing rigs at the pond.  I arrived at Setley to find a calm over the water, the trees were all swaying in the breeze but being the westerly wind did not reach the pond surface. I had to change up to my A rig, Graham was not so lucky, he came with his B rig and left his A at home.
While mainly westerly, the wind direction on the water was what can only be described as crazy. It was all over the place and quite frustrating, with differing wind strengths to go with the differing directions. I for one was a “hate it” person whereas Hugh who managed to gain some mastery of it was a “love it” person. Congrats to Hugh for winning the day.
On the positive side, Stan came along for a general gossip, followed by Alan who brought doughnuts to celebrate his birthday.  All the best Alan, we hope to see you on the water in the not too distant future.

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