IOM Spring Race 07, 16th Apr 2024

IOM spr 24 race 07a

A Confusing day today. I arrived last week with a 30 knot forecast with my B rig and had to change up to an A rig, since although there may have been 30 knots in the trees, there was nothing on the pond. So I set off today with a 20 knot forecast with my A rig, only to be met with lots of wind on the pond. Consensus was to use B rigs which meant me changing rig. By the time the first race started, believe it or not, the wind had died!! We tried one race in a light breeze and changed back up to the A rig. We kept to the A rigs even though the wind did increase again through the morning which gave the boat a few spills and thrills.
Racing was very tight all morning, with much place changing as shifts and gusts came in randomly. John M won the day having gained 4 firsts closely followed by John B and Hugh each with 3 firsts.

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