IOM Spring Race 11, 14th May 2024

IOM spr 24 race 11

Another excellent day at Setley today, we are being spoiled – two good sessions in a row!!.
The big issue when we arrived was “what rig”, A or B? The initial thought was A, then some big black gusts blew down the pond, indicating a B would be needed. We made a group decision to use the B rig, even including Graham who had for the first time brought his! On reflection, there were times when the B rig was the right sail, but other times particularly around mark 3 where an A rig would have been useful. It was good competition that we all sailed with the same rig.
Racing was close with consistency being the major factor, John M won the day with 2 wins, Hugh was second with 3 wins and John T third with 4 wins. Nigel and Robin also won races.

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