Club History 1978-1980 - 1st years of the Solent R/C MYC

sailingsectionlogo Although from 1978 onwards the Marblehead (RM) races and Championships previously held at Setley were hosted by the New Forest Club in the Ringwood area, model yacht sailing continued at Setley. Having originally founded the New Forest Club to encourage the sailing of “smaller” radio controlled yachts like the Marblehead, Bob Jeffries and other past New Forest members now formed the Solent Radio Controlled Model Yacht Club.

Duplex 575

Duplex 575

While the sailing and racing of RM yachts remained the primary object of the club, smaller models also occasionally featured. The “Duplex 575” was a small radio controlled yacht, manufactured by Duplex Craft of Leicester and later Lesro, which became popular in the 1970s/80s.

1979nov duplex

Model Boats Magazine, November 1979

The photo shows a surviving example at Setley in 2007 (belonging to SRCMBC member Ken Carter). Back in August 1979, the SRCMYC organised a regatta for Duplex 575 yachts at Setley as reported in Model Boats Magazine. These semi-scale model yachts must have seemed a novel sight compared to much larger racing classes like the RM which were based on the vane-steered yachts developed in pre-radio days.


Model Boats Magazine, March 1980

With radio control equipment for use in models becoming lighter and more readily available there was a growing interest in R/C scale models. The formation of a SRCMYC Scale Section was announced in an article in the March 1980 Model Boats Magazine. The Scale Section would meet at a different time to the radio yachts.


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